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Celebrate Life!

Photo Montages: Great! Fast! Affordable!

  • Production Styles from gentle to energetic!
  • Most Delivered within 5 Working Days!
  • Up to 150 Photos (scanned or digital)
  • Photo JPEG CD of All Photos We Scan!
  • Professional Custom Cases and DVDs
  • Great for Parties, Birthdays, Tributes, and More!
  • Quicker than Do-It-Yourself Software!
  • Less Headaches, MORE TIME FOR YOU!

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Photo Montage

Packages and Pricing

Basic, $100

Up to 150 photos, origianl prints or digital jpg files; Up to 3 songs played beginning to end; opening title, Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Our Special Summer, etc. Average length is 10-12 minutes.

Standard, $125

Same as above and including some image enhancement and special creative elements. Limited manual image movement applied to select photos.

Deluxe, $150

All the above, plus hand-adjusted custom photo movement applied to most images, minor color correction, pacing and timing to match music tempo,creative enhancement.

Custom Creative, starts at $175

All of the above, plus high energy creative movements to the beat, or a mixture of styles. Multi-layer elements. Extreme entertainment especially suited for party presentations and special celebration events.

Our Standard production is by far our most popular package based in production value and economy. Most productions can be delivered within a few days following receipt of materials. Montage completion is usually within 10 working days, sometimes longer for the Custom Creative package, depending on project complexity.

Scanning services available. You can deliver your materials via the web, by Mail or UPS. You may also drop off your materials and schedule pick up upon notification of project completion.

Schedule of Additional Services, Charges & Fees

  • Additional photos,each $1.00
  • Additional titles, each $1.00
  • Extended messages/poem, each $5.00
  • *Audio edits, each $5.00
  • *Photo edits, each $5.00
  • *Video edits, each $10.00

*An audio edit is ANY adjustment to music other than music selections playing from beginning to end.

*A photo edit is ANY adjustment of the placement of an image to match the beginning of a song or have image occur on a specific word or phrase or point in the music, other than images falling where they occur.

*A video edit occurs each time video footage of any accepted format two minutes or less in length, is inserted, or when any insertion exceeds two minutes. Example, one video insert, 6 minutes x $10 per 2 min.=$30

Photo enhancement, repairs or minor color correction handled on a per image basis. An estimate may be given after Twentyoneplus Productions has assessed the need for these services ad extent of time required to accomplish.Pricing for these services starts at $50 per half-hour

Additional digital master DVD copies $25; 10 or more in a single order for $20 each

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